This Is Not What I Owe

My husband is ignoring me again. He always wins because I am weaker when it comes to being disconnected. I offended him with something I said, and even though I apologized and said I was NOT being critical (I really wasn’t), he turned it back on me and just sat down to veg out on YouTube. Normally, I would keep trying to talk it out, but I’m so embarrassed to be that needy. He obviously doesn’t need me that much and will just come looking for me when he does feel interested.

But if I ignore him back, he will double up on ignoring me until I break from the ice of his silent treatment. I swear I hate him. I hate being married to him. I hate it.

Why does he not initiate anything? Why doesn’t he bring things up that bother him? He waits until I have something to discuss and then changes the topic to his own grievance. And if I leave this unresolved, I will suffer because I actually care and he will continue on in stony silence.

He returned the electric bill. To the mail carrier. I laughed.

Should I go in there and reengage with him? Our marriage is dead. He thinks I’m evil. I don’t know what to do.


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