Your Father Needs You to Respect Him

I hate to do this, but I can’t see any other way. I watch my 9-year-old run over his father daily. My husband won’t stand up for himself. He never seems hurt or angry; he just takes whatever our selfish, headstrong son dishes out. I’m going to have to tell my son that his father will not ever be able to make and enforce rules, will not be able to connect emotionally, is just tired and broken and disengaged. Putting that so a child can understand? Telling a child he will have to choose to treat his own father better because his father will never ask for it?

My husband gives the kid everything he wants. If our son is upset or whiny, my husband disengages and withdraws. Our son pushes him around as though he were the lord of this house and my husband an indentured servant. I cannot hold this family together. I cannot convince my husband to take an interest.

Wish me luck. I am mature enough to behave respectfully and not run over a weak man; but a 9-year-old needs advice.


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