Do You Have a License For That Brain?

I tried to pass a piece of advice along to my husband. The way he sometimes does to me. The way this works is that I listen to his perspective, sum it up, and store it away for future reference. Because I respect and value my husband and I know I sometimes need an outside view point.

He doesn’t tend to receive mine well. It’s almost as though he thinks I’m stupid, inept, couldn’t possibly be of any help, and cannot be worthy of respect. As though I were the enemy. What on earth made him choose to share a life with me and conceive and raise a child with me?

His problem today was that Mr. Buttons wanted attention and was starting to be a bit naughty because the child doesn’t know yet how to ask for attention. So I told my husband what was going on. They went outside to trim bushes. The husband overloaded the child with micromanaging instructions and neglected to encourage the child. They fought, and the husband came inside angry. After a little while, I suggested to the husband that he simply encourage the kid to try and praise him and not worry about how the bush turns out. Husband began to argue; I said I didn’t come out here to argue. I’m simply offering you advice the same way you help me sometimes. Husband was pouty and seemed to want to show off how good he was with the clippers. 

I believe God’s giving us the ability to conceive and raise children is not taken seriously enough. People argue about gun-control and abortion, but the greatest weapon of all is a brain.


2 thoughts on “Do You Have a License For That Brain?”

  1. Hi Anna, I read through your blogs and understand what you are going through. I know the feeling of “don’t let my guard down”, or else it will be used against me somehow. The exact insecure thing that I share about myself to him will be used as an insult later, so I have to stop sharing myself with him. And I understand about your son treating your husband bad. I have 2 daughters and one talks to him horribly and he never tells her to stop disrespecting him. In fact he responds with an insult because he quote “was mad and wanted to piss her off.” Even after explaining to him how this doesn’t work, nothing gets through. A long time ago before I could understand what was going on, I would tell people it’s like they have an older teenage brother, not a father.
    Anyway, I found you from your comment on another blog. I wanted to let you know that I hear you.

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