Hung for a Lamb?

Hello.  I’m writing again here in my online journal. I’ve been reading a bit, articles by MRAs and men who seem to ruthlessly hate and blame women for all evil and for men’s evil in particular. They seem so very interested in controlling women and in shaming them, even while they themselves sound threatening and despicable.

So here’s a question:

If you knew there were a person headed out to rob a store and make off with the money, and you also knew of another person in another area planning to carry out a rape and murder of a child, but you could ONLY STOP ONE OF THEM, which one would you put your efforts toward stopping?

MRAs focus on money, status, respect, and keeping their subordinates subordinated. They ignore the serious crimes of patriarchal masculinity, even excusing them. It’s irrational; it’s baffling; it’s a testament to their evil nature and the power they have to degrade the very persons whom they are supposed to protect.

As long as they make the rules, murder and sexual violence will always be the order of the day.



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