Watching and Waiting for the Next Attack

My husband’s entire family is passive aggressive. I can tell when he has had contact with them because he comes home very sad. He seems to be in a daze and has difficulty understanding speech and behavior. He also seems angry and hostile and as though he has a desperate need to piss someone off by being clueless and saccharin.

To me, passive aggression is mainly a pattern of behavior resulting from a lack of insight into one’s own emotions, and especially a squelching of anger that has become habitual. The passive aggressive expresses anger through revenge only. That’s why it is hard to be married to a PA. A PA will sabotage the entire crew and let the ship go down simply because he does not address his own disappointments and anger and sadness.

Was Adam passive aggressive in the garden of Eden? He seems so. He does a good job of passing the buck to God, and has refused to love women ever since. I think we have paid the price by now, though, and all you Adams could try loving us instead of continuing to exact revenge.